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Work to improve to the representation of expert women is improving but still more to do

Posted by Lois Brearly on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A new study from City University has found the BBC and ITV’s flagship news programmes ‘still fail to represent women fairly” but expert women are appearing across other news programming. It found men outnumber women as experts almost four to one on both the BBC and ITV News at Ten.

However, the main news bulletins on Channel 4, Sky and Channel 5, as well as BBC R4’s Today programme, featured double the number of men to women experts during the study period (October 2015 to March 2016). ITV has been noted for its success in tackling its imbalance, which had improved by 27% since last year when it stood at more than five men to each woman.

At HerSay we strongly believe in providing free access to confident expert women to help combat this imbalance. If you haven’t signed up, or know an expert who should sign up, please encourage them now.  

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