HerSay is the UK’s leading media resource centre for female experts.

With men outnumbering women on news and current affairs programmes four to one, there is a desperate need for more authoritative female voices in our media.

Broadcasters themselves acknowledge that they would like to book more expert women to appear on their programmes, but struggle to find them.

Our extensive database provides an invaluable resource for producers and journalists who want to use more female experts either in the broadcast media or to provide quotes for print or online publication.

HerSay aims to help women raise their own profile within their chosen fields and boost the number of inspirational role models. We will provide support through regular training sessions and networking events. This will range from media training and public speaking courses through to professional photography shoots and styling advice.

Women with all levels of expertise are being welcomed to join as HerSay – whether they are recognised leaders in their field or have personal stories to tell from their own life experiences.

Our service is run on a simple principle: With decades of experience, our team of PR and media professionals at iNHouse Communications know exactly what the media require and how to help women raise their profile.

Getting started

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